Image courtesy of
Igor Posavec


f-Edge is a 3ds Max plug-in that gets rid of the sharp and flat edge look of standard angular objects. As in the real world, f-Edge simulates the slight soft curvature over the selected edges of the object. It comes with a very small rendering time penalty and gives that non-"computer generated" soft look to the object. Especially suited for large-scale city and architecture projects where edge smoothing by hand is almost impossible.

Download trial version: f-Edge106.zip.

To register, you need to purchase a license from share-it.
NOTE: you don't need a license for network rendering with f-Edge, just for the workstations where the f-Edge settings will be modified in Material Editor.


Hairtrix is the result of a joint collaboration of Dimension dESIGN Animation Group (or us), EPHERE (the developers of Ornatrix) and Turbo Squid (the publisher and worldwide distributor for the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in Program). Hairtrix is the ultimate hair solution for discreet ® 3ds max. Being the successor to the popular hairfx and Ornatrix plug-ins it combines the strenght of both! Take a look at it on the Turbo Squid site.
Upgrades from hairfx and Ornatrix to Hairtrix are available on request - just contact Turbo Squid by phone or using the support system on their site.

For registered Hairtrix users: you can find the latest build of hairfx (as part of Hairtrix) here. You can only use these files with an official install of Hairtrix as provided by Turbo Squid (for the corresponding Max release).

For legacy hairfx users: you can find the latest hairfx 1.6 build here.